Corey Scott – CEO @ Midwest Dairy

Our Herd Freed Hartz executive search team was honored to partner with Midwest Dairy, on a nationwide retained search to find their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Midwest Dairy Association®, proudly represents over 4,000 dairy farms to 41 million consumers across the midwest region. They work on their behalf to build dairy demand by inspiring consumer confidence in their products and production practices. They bring dairy to life for a better world with exciting flavors, convenient products, memorable experiences and credible information.

Midwest Dairy Association® is funded by farmers across a 10-state region, including Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. As part of the national dairy checkoff, they focus on dairy promotion, nutrition education and research and committed to health and wellness through different collaborative programs.

“Working with Fred Pabst of Herd Freed Hartz far exceeded my expectations. He was a true professional throughout the entire process. We had a strong talent pool to interview and select our next CEO from. I would highly recommend Fred to any organization going through an executive search.” (Charles Krause, Board Chair of Midwest Dairy)

“The hiring process for the CEO role of Midwest Dairy was well organized, dynamic and expedient thanks to Fred. He kept in regular communication and set expectations for the process very clearly and frequently.” (Corey Scott, New CEO of Midwest Dairy)

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Rachael Moss – Chief People Officer @ Inventprise

Our Herd Freed Hartz executive search team was honored to partner with Inventprise, on a nationwide retained search to find their new Chief People Officer.

Inventprise (IVT) was founded in 2012 by Dr. Subhash Kapre with the goal of improving global health. Their mission and focus is on developing efficacious, affordable vaccines for global populations most in need.

Over the years, the company has grown from a small R&D lab, operating out of a start-up accelerator in South Lake Union, Seattle, to a clinical-stage biotech organization with sights on commercializing the novel vaccine candidates in our pipeline. Bill Gates cut the ribbon on their new manufacturing facility in 2022 as they are supported by funds from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Herd Freed Hartz is continuing it’s long-term partnership with Inventprise after also filling other executives including their CEO, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Recent news about Inventprise’s Phase 2 Pneumococcal vaccine candidate

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William Marks – CEO @ Alaska Power & Telephone

Our Herd Freed Hartz executive search team was honored to partner with Alaska Power & Telephone, on a nationwide retained search to find their new CEO.

Alaska Power & Telephone (AP&T) has provided affordable utility services to meet the evolving needs of rural Alaskan communities since 1957. Today, AP&T provides services in over 40 communities and villages spanning 1,100 linear miles. 75% of our energy generation comes from renewable hydropower, with excesses available in some communities to support beneficial electrification (heat pumps, electric vehicles) and sustainable growth.

AP&T works diligently to deploy advanced high-speed broadband to support the telecommunications needs of rural Alaskans far into the future. AP&T supports other carriers with middle-mile transport, via assets like the Lynn Canal Fiber project, the Southeast Alaska Microwave Network, and the SEALink fiber optic cable currently under development.

Their employee-owners live and work in the communities they serve.  AP&T is proud to partner with diverse indigenous organizations, local governments, state and federal agencies, industry associations, and conservation groups to undertake innovative projects that improve quality of life for all.

APT Press Release (CEO – Feb 2024)

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Brian Thomas – President & COO @ Patriot Erectors

Our Herd Freed Hartz executive search team was honored to partner with Patriot Erectors, on a nationwide retained search to find their new President & COO.

Patriot Erectors is the premier steel fabrication & erection company in the fast-growing Central Texas region as well as operations in Dallas/Fort-Worth and Houston. They uniquely provide both steel fabrication (structural and columns, beams, bracing, trusses, stairs, railing, frames and custom elements) and steel erection (welding, bolting, erecting, rigging, layout, material selection and logistics coordination).

They have grown to $125M+ annual revenues and 450 employees across all locations. Client projects range from a mix of large-scale projects in Central Texas including: college football stadiums, airports, commercial development, hospitals, residential towers, and manufacturing plants. They have a mix of fabrication plants and steel construction teams who deliver high quality work to ensure the project is done right – on time and on budget.

Their rapid growth in a hot commercial construction market (Austin/Central Texas) has led to its own challenges along with inflation and staffing demands. Patriot Erector’s track record of success attracted private equity investment from Ranch Creek Partners and Hillstar Capital.

Parley Dixon, CEO, shared “Herd Freed Hartz did a solid job of understanding what we were looking for regarding talent, competencies and fit – and ultimately delivered. Their team listened intently to the particular needs we had for the positions, and crafted a search and screening program that generated an excellent candidate pool. When it came to filling this new President & COO role, we were comfortable using them based on their prior success filling our CFO role the prior year.

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Heidi Daniel – Executive Director @ King County Library System (KCLS)

In 2023, our executive search team was honored to partner with King County Library System, on a nationwide retained search to find their new Executive Director.

The King County Library System (KCLS) envisions a world where knowledge allows diverse communities to prosper and grow. To support this vision, KCLS creates opportunities through meaningful connections as a knowledge sharing center for over 1.5 million diverse patrons.

KCLS is one of the largest and busiest public library systems in the country. More than 900 engaged and passionate staff members provide library services at 50 locations and community engagement initiatives through direct outreach, virtual assistance, and curated programs. The KCLS service area includes cities, towns, tribal lands, and unincorporated districts of King County, with the exception of the city of Seattle.

KCLS values Intellectual Freedom and believe that everyone has the right to seek out information, ideas and expressive content of any kind within the law. They are committed to supporting Intellectual Freedom by facilitating and safeguarding equitable access, privacy and an extensive range of constitutionally protected opinions, perspectives and viewpoints.

Check out the KCLS Press Announcement
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Darcy Engle – VP Sales @ First Choice Health

In 2023, our executive search team was honored to partner with First Choice Health, on a nationwide search to find their new VP of Sales.

First Choice Health, headquartered in Seattle, WA, is a provider-owned healthcare organization offering employers a forward-thinking alternative to traditional health insurance. They have been serving employers of all sizes and across many industries with exceptional health benefits administration for over 35 years, providing unparalleled access to a growing number of clinically integrated networks (CIN) and a traditional PPO. Alongside their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) addressing mental health and work-life balance, their services collectively support members in every step of their healthcare journeys.

At First Choice Health, they are proud to deliver the personalized, quality service our clients deserve, while reducing costs and keeping their members healthy. Uniting providers, employers, and individuals, they deliver sustainable solutions that elevate the health and care of their communities.

Just over one million people use First Choice Health’s array of products and services in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. Their network helps to reduce costs while maintaining quality and convenience. Their Health Plan Administration offerings include custom networks, flexible plan designs, and medical management. Their EAP offers counseling and referral services to complement our health benefit-oriented services.


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Kyle Dean – CFO @ Therapeutic Associates

In 2023, our executive search team was honored to partner with Therapeutic Associates, on a nationwide search to find their new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Therapeutic Associates is physical therapist owned and directed since 1952. Their clinics are managed by physical therapists who have the support and resources of a large organization, and the freedom to manage their clinic operations with their teammates to best serve their patients and the larger community.

They offer an unprecedented program called PT Cohort to all newly hired physical therapists providing leadership development, clinical education, peer support and social connectedness, and a chance to collaborate and share feedback. We also offer one-on-one Mentorship, an APTA-credentialed Orthopaedic Residency Program, specialty practice resources, research and teaching offerings, coursework including the NAIOMT COMT series, a clinical listserv, and many other education opportunities for our employees.

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Trevor Parris – CFO @ Laird Norton Company

In 2023, our executive search team had the honor to partner on a nationwide search with Laird Norton Company to find their new Chief Financial Officer.

Laird Norton Company (LNC) carries forward the Laird Norton family legacy of investment and corporate citizenship that began in 1855. Today LNC is still owned by the 500+ member, 7th generation family that was one of the early timber industry pioneer families in Seattle. Laird Norton Company is the parent company allocating patient capital, strategy and governance across holdings in real estate and their operating businesses.

Brian McGuigan, CEO shared: “It was a pleasure working with Paul and Liliane on this CFO search. You surfaced some great candidates, listened well and provided good advice at the points where I most needed it. I look forward to working together again.

Congratulations to Trevor Parris in his new role as CFO and wishing Trevor and the Laird Norton Company continued success!

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Devarshi Bajpai – CEO @ Fora Health

In 2023, our executive search team was honored to partner with Fora Health on a nationwide search to find their new Chief Executive Officer in Portland, Oregon.

Fora Health delivers “Whole Person Care” as one of Oregon’s oldest, largest, and most respected non‑profit providers of substance use and co‑occurring mental health disorder care. Each year, Fora serves 2,000+ individuals and families, helping over 50,000 people change their relationship to alcohol and drugs in its nearly 50‑year history. Founded in 1974, Fora Health today has a $17M annual budget, 150 employees and two locations (SE Portland and Hillsboro).

Maree Wacker, outgoing CEO @ Fora Health, reflected on the search process: “Herd Freed Hartz was a vital partner for our CEO search. They delivered the perfect balance of insight, understanding of the qualities we were looking for, and persistence. They were a fast study on learning our unique industry. All of this delivered with enthusiasm and energy for the effort we had in front of us.”

“We engaged in a thorough process to determine our next CEO over several months. Devarshi stood out as an executive with the right balance of leadership skills, professional and subject matter expertise, and community commitment,” said James Polo, Fora Health Board Chair.

We look forward to the hearing about the continued life-changing, transformative work Devarshi Bajapi and the Fora Health team will achieve together!

Fora Health CEO Announcement

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Jonathan Dalrymple – CEO @ Chugach Alaska Corporation

Our executive search team was honored to partner with Chugach Alaska Corporation on a nationwide search to find their new Chief Executive Officer in Anchorage, Alaska.

For over 50+ years, Chugach has been committed to advancing the economic and social well-being of its 2,700+ shareholders and their descendents – the Alaska Native people of the Chugach region. Chugach serves its people and communities through a diverse porfolio of private equity and real estate investments employing 4,500 people, allowing this leading Alaska Native Corporation to provide stable, enduring growth for generations to come.

“After a comprehensive nationwide search in partnership with executive recruiting firm Herd Freed Hartz, the Board is pleased to have found the ideal candidate to continue charting our course for future growth,” said Sheri Buretta, Chugach’s Chairman of the Board. “Jonathan is a well-respected, values-driven, and visionary leader with a track record of successfully navigating organizational transformation and growth initiatives. This, combined with his deep defense industry knowledge, makes Jonathan uniquely qualified to lead Chugach’s business operations at a crucial time for our corporation.”

We look forward to the hearing about the impactful work Jonathan Dalrymple will deliver for Chugach to continue its legacy as a leading Alaska Native Corporation.

Chugach Alaska Corporation Press Release (Nov 20, 2023)

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