Building Your Executive Band: Harmonizing Different Eras of Talent

By Scott Rabinowitz, Partner @ Herd Freed Hartz – Executive Search

Imagine Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, creating a band that includes modern icons like Keith Moon, Sheryl Crow, and Marvin Gaye. This unique blend of talents from different eras and genres in one band provides a powerful metaphor for the art of executive hiring. Check out this video below of Elvis introducing his band – it’s amazing.

The Art of Harmonizing Diverse Talents

In the hypothetical supergroup led by Elvis, each musician brings their distinct style, era, and genre. The challenge and beauty lie in harmonizing these diverse talents into a cohesive and dynamic band. Similarly, in the corporate world, bringing together leaders from different backgrounds, industries, and expertise can lead to a harmonious and innovative executive team.

Understanding Each Member’s Unique Contribution

Elvis’ band would need to balance the rock ‘n’ roll rhythm with Keith Moon’s explosive drumming, Sheryl Crow’s versatile vocals, and Marvin Gaye’s soulful melodies. In a corporate setting, this translates to understanding how a CEO’s visionary leadership can complement a CFO’s analytical prowess, a CMO’s creative strategies, and a COO’s operational efficiency.

Cultural Fit and Era Blending

Just as blending artists from different musical eras requires a deep understanding of their individual cultures and styles, assembling an executive team involves more than just skills. It’s about finding leaders who can blend into your company’s culture and adapt to its evolving narrative.

How We Can Help

At Herd Freed Hartz, we view executive hiring like forming this eclectic band. It’s about more than just finding the industry’s top players; it’s about creating a symphony of skills, experiences, and personalities that resonate with your company’s culture and goals.


Assembling an executive team is akin to creating a band with legends from various eras. It requires a keen understanding of how different talents and backgrounds can harmonize to create something greater than the sum of its parts. At Herd Freed Hartz, we specialize in conducting this complex orchestra of executive hiring, ensuring that each member contributes to a masterpiece of business success.