CEO & Advisory Board

CEO & Board Advisory

Customized Talent Strategy Consulting
For CEOS and Boards

As an extension of our executive search insight, we will also partner with CEO and Boards to help with related talent strategy consulting. We have a proven playbook and client testimonials, but know this is also customized to meet your specific needs.

Performance Evaluation

We partner with Board of Directors and CEOs as a trusted 3rd party to help construct an evaluation instrument and performance measurement process against key measurable metrics and tied to strategic organization goals. In developing this custom process we interview key stakeholders for added insight and participation in this transparent process. This objective insight enables actionable feedback to increase performance and ensures mutual role clarity and healthy communication of measurable objectives.

Succession Planning

We collaborate with Board of Directors and CEO on a proactive evaluation of internal and external succession plan strategies. As part of this process, we review internal candidates against the role criteria, identify any gaps, and partner to craft a training and development plan.

Executive Behavioral Assessment

We provide added insight for CEOs and their direct executive leadership teams through using proven behavioral assessment instruments (DISC and/or Enneagram). This increases personal insight on how others perceive your leadership style and approach, how you typically handle stress & pressure, and strategies to communicate effectively with other people who are wired differently. This is a fun and engaging process and will increase your team’s EQ which helps with teamwork and onboarding new leadership.

Culture & Values Identification

Your organization has a culture and values – but maybe you have not formally developed them. We interview key leadership, listen for common themes and partner with you to develop 3-6 key areas terms, quick phrasing, and how this can be used in team and candidate assessment to ensure stronger culture fit.

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Our recruiting consulting division upgrades your “Art of
Recruiting” to stand out from the pack

Brett Brinton

CEO – Zonar Systems (acquired)

“We are now winning the war for talent and just sold our company for $100M more because of you! Thanks again Paul.”

Tim Turner

CEO – Subsplash (acquired)

“Recruiting is much faster. A developer hire that used to take 95 days to fill now filled in just 37 days!”

Marlaine McCauley

“We now feel inspired and empowered with a practical recruiting game plan.”

CEO – Apex Facility (acquired)

Dan Rogers

“We now have a measurable recruiting game plan and feel more in control of our recruiting results. Recruiting no longer holds back our business growth plans.”

CEO – Point to Point Transportation

Mark Nicholson

“We have had significant and measurable recruiting improvements. Recruiting has gone from a weakness to competitive strength.”

CEO – Zemax (acquired)

Karen Lucas

“Recruiting was upgraded so we attracted higher quality people and much faster. This stregth led to us being acquired for top dollar.”

Chris Flugstad

CEO – Cascadelink (acquired)