Executive Search – Our Process

We meet with all key stakeholders involved in your hiring process to holistically understand both your organization and the ideal candidate profile.

Our first step will be meeting with the hiring manager and any other key stakeholders or decision-makers in your search process. These are crucial discussions to understand the hard and soft skills required for the position, success metrics, key goals and your unique company culture and values. This step typically includes a tour of your office or facility.


We will create a compelling marketing document designed to attract your target profile.

After intake meetings are completed, we will draft a compelling job description for your review in 24-48 hours. We will prepare an eye-catching company overview designed to attract and inspire your target profile, proactively addressing typical candidate questions and aligning the look and feel of your website and brand.

We begin outreach based on a strategic sourcing plan unique to your needs.

Once the job description is approved, our team spends approximately two weeks identifying and vetting ideal passive candidates who are not actively engaged in a job search. While we take advantage of our nationwide network, we employ a unique sourcing strategy for every search we undertake, because no two searches or companies are the same. We will continue sourcing new candidates until you have identified your finalists.

In two weeks we will have fully vetted candidates ready for you to review and meet.

At the end of those two weeks we will present a diverse, fully vetted candidate slate for your review and feedback, and begin scheduling your first round of interviews. We will never try to “sell” you on a candidate; our consultative approach provides expert guidance by highlighting both the strengths and potential concerns of each individual in order to help you make an informed decision.

Throughout the search we will meet weekly to review new candidates and ensure active candidates are on track.

Throughout the search we will meet weekly to present new candidates, gather feedback on the candidates you’ve met, and ensure active candidates are moving forward in your interview process. You will be provided with an active link where you can access all candidate information and status in one place.

We will partner with you to design an interview process that will best assess the fit of each candidate.

We will help you craft an interview methodology to assess competency, track record and culture fit, as well as an interview process that incorporates your key stakeholders. As an ambassador of your brand, candidate experience is important to us; it is our goal that whatever the outcome, they will come away with a positive impression of your organization.

We will guide you through the negotiation process to ensure you are best positioned to close your finalist candidate.

We provide transparency to both you and the candidate when it comes to compensation expectations, so there should be no surprises when you’re ready to make an offer. If there are any negotiations to discuss we will advise to ensure you are able to offer a compelling package while staying within your budget and compensation structure. We will conduct references and provide a reference report, along with any background checks you’d like to complete.

Our partnership doesn’t end when an offer is signed – we’re as invested in your new hire’s success as you are.

We will partner with you to ensure your new hire is off to a strong start by providing onboarding best practices and guidance and will continue to check in with you and your new hire on a quarterly basis to make sure everything is going well.