Heidi Daniel – Executive Director @ King County Library System (KCLS)

In 2023, our executive search team was honored to partner with King County Library System, on a nationwide retained search to find their new Executive Director.

The King County Library System (KCLS) envisions a world where knowledge allows diverse communities to prosper and grow. To support this vision, KCLS creates opportunities through meaningful connections as a knowledge sharing center for over 1.5 million diverse patrons.

KCLS is one of the largest and busiest public library systems in the country. More than 900 engaged and passionate staff members provide library services at 50 locations and community engagement initiatives through direct outreach, virtual assistance, and curated programs. The KCLS service area includes cities, towns, tribal lands, and unincorporated districts of King County, with the exception of the city of Seattle.

KCLS values Intellectual Freedom and believe that everyone has the right to seek out information, ideas and expressive content of any kind within the law. They are committed to supporting Intellectual Freedom by facilitating and safeguarding equitable access, privacy and an extensive range of constitutionally protected opinions, perspectives and viewpoints.

Check out the KCLS Press Announcement
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