The talent you are interested in wants to feel inspired by your company and the role.  Make your company story more exciting and inspirational will cause candidates to lean in with their hearts.  This is the emotional side, or the “sizzle”.  Talk about your exciting mission and why people love working at your company and why you are winning.

1) A-players want an inspiring reason for the job beyond the paycheck. Many times while working on executive searches, we’ve seen a candidate decide between two similar job offers. Often the candidate will pick the company with a more inspiring mission and a story of the impact the company is making.  This is especially important for Millenials. You want to attract people who are happy and not actively looking.

2) Moment of truth. A new employee will need to quickly explain to friends and family about their new job.  You want their friends to say “Hey – that’s cool” and for your new employee to feel proud about sharing why they love working at your company.  If the company can reference any awards or recognition – this also validates something special is happening.

3) Your in-person pitch is usually better. Most CEO or hiring managers will have a compelling company “sell” when meeting a candidate in person. But somehow the written version loses the energy and becomes boring.  If you don’t inspire someone to apply, you may never get to meet them so don’t save “your good stuff” for later.  Record yourself saying aloud the company pitch like you would tell someone in person as a good starting point.

4) Boring job descriptions = low response rates. You need to interview more people and work harder to get talent to apply for your job openings which costs you time and money.  This isn’t just about making people feel good, it’s about helping you win and make money.


Sizzle – Energy, passion and inspiration felt just like it would be in-person. Emotionally makes you excited and leaning in.

Customer stories – You have specific customer examples/case studies of how you helped them (“Clients/Portfolio” page on your website). Facts tell but stories sell.

Quest/Mission – A compelling reason your company exists beyond making money. What drives you and inspired the company to be founded?

CEO background & company history – The personal story of how the company got started. People work for people.  (“Message from CEO”)

Why employees working here – What would your employees say if you asked them? Is that reflected in your description?

External awards, press, or recognition – External recognition you are doing something special and interesting. Let other people say you are great.

Why are you winning – Explain why customers are choosing you over your competition. You must be winning for a reason.

Good job – You just completed component #1: INSPIRING!


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