List the Top 3 outcomes that would make this role a hero in the first year. A common mistake is most job descriptions just focus on being busy doing typical day-to-day “activities” vs. showing specific and measurable “outcomes”.  Getting clarity on this prior to interviewing, helps focus your time and also helps with onboarding role expectations.

1) How to be a hero – Most job descriptions just focus on being busy with a long list of activities. But people want to know what the goal/mission/outcome of the job is in the first year.  If you want to attract A-players, this type of talent wants to see the challenge and how they can make a measurable impact and be a hero.  This is accomplished by listing the Top 3 outcomes in the first year – What are they? How do you measure it? Why does it matter?

2) Focus – List outcomes for the role helps attract the talent you want. It also provides a great framework for clarifying qualifications, interview questions, and assessment scorecard for matters most. The top 3 outcomes really IS the real job, not the activity list.  This will save you time and help make higher-quality hires.

3) Onboarding – Onboarding begins with listing this Top 3 key outcomes list. This is helpful in developing 30/90 day goals and then aligning annual feedback because everyone actually knew what they were supposed to be doing.

Top 3 outcomes listed for Year 1 – List how you know the job is successful in the first year.  Of all the things someone could accomplish in this job, what would make you give a positive year-end review?  This shows how someone can be a hero.

Specific & Measurable – Can you measure it?  Saying “Increase sales” is not as helpful as “Increase sales by 20%” or “Ensure customer satisfaction as measured by NPS score feedback.”

Why this matters – This may seem obvious, but why does this goal matter more than other things?  Adding this insight and priority helps someone on the outside understand the job goals at a deeper level.

Good job – You completed component #5: KEY OUTCOMES


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