Your COO Executive Search Firm Partner

If you are looking for your next Chief Operating Officer (COO) or VP of Operations, we understand this profile well and bring a proven executive search track record filling this function. Our methodology enables us to quickly recruit the executive talent you are looking for to give you peace of mind about your operations team leadership.

For those EOS fans – we understand this “integrator” leadership role is a key balance to the CEO’s “visionary” leadership role to make an effective and winning team.

  • Oberto

    VP of Operations
    VP of Sales

  • Cadwell Laboratories
    Cadwell Laboratories

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chief Operations Officer
    VP Operations

  • ZoomCare

    Chief Technology Officer

    Dir of Health Plan Operations

    Inside Sales Mgr

    (Endeavour Capital)

  • Cascade Corporation
    Cascade Corporation

    VP Supply Chain

    VP Global Manufacturing

    VP of IT

    Dir of Human Resources

  • Vigor

    GM (Specialty Finishes)
    VP of HR
    VP of US Fab
    Prog Mgr (US Fab)
    Sr. Proj Mgr (Vigor Marine)

    (Endeavour Capital)

  • Darigold

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Restaurants Unlimited
    Restaurants Unlimited

    VP of Operations

  • Smith Brothers
    Smith Brothers

    VP of Operations

  • Lady Yum
    Lady Yum

    Chief Operations Officer (COO)

  • Milliman

    Chief Operations Officer

    Chief Financial Officer


  • Cascade Coffee
    Cascade Coffee

    Chief Operations Officer (COO)

    VP Quality

    (Westward Partners)

  • Filson

    VP of Manufacturing

    Dir of Human Resources

  • AllMed Healthcare
    AllMed Healthcare

    Medical Director

    VP Sales

  • PhysioControl (Medtronic)
    PhysioControl (Medtronic)

    VP Global Operations
    VP Customer Care Services
    Sr. Dir of IT

    (Bain Capital)

  • Northstar Attachments
    Northstar Attachments

    VP Operations

  • Beta Hatch
    Beta Hatch

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Isola Homes
    Isola Homes

    VP of Land Acquisition

    VP of Construction

    Tax Manager

    Dir Regulatory Affairs

  • SOG

    VP Manufacturing

    Chief Financial Officer

    Accounting Mgr

  • Uwajimaya

    Chief Operations Officer (COO)

  • Novelty Hill
    Novelty Hill

    General Manager (GM)

  • Blue Box
    Blue Box

    COO/VP Technology Operations

  • Bethlehem Construction
    Bethlehem Construction

    VP Construction

  • First Aid Only
    First Aid Only

    VP of Manufacturing Operations

  • WongDoody

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Foster Garvey
    Foster Garvey

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Jerry’s Home Improvement
    Jerry’s Home Improvement

    VP of Human Resources

    VP Merchandising

    VP Store Operations

  • Lydig Construction
    Lydig Construction

    VP Health & Safety


  • Synder Roofing & Sheet Metal
    Synder Roofing & Sheet Metal

    VP Operations

  • Therapeutics Associates
    Therapeutics Associates

    Chief Operations Officer (COO)

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Griffith Polymers
    Griffith Polymers

    General Manager (GM)

  • Abodian

    GM & VP Operations

    Dir of Sales

  • Investco (Tarragon Properties)
    Investco (Tarragon Properties)

    Dir of Asset Management

  • Transwest

    VP Operations

    VP People & Culture

    VP Talent

  • Woodman Construction
    Woodman Construction

    Special Project Manager

    Project Manager

  • Game House
    Game House

    Vice President

  • Fallback Image
    Puget Sound Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

    Finance & Operations Manager

  • Transwestern

    Portfolio Manager

    Sr. Property Mgr

  • Moraware

    Chief Operations Officer (COO)

  • Anderson Hay & Grain
    Anderson Hay & Grain

    Chief Operations Officer

    Chief Financial Officer

    Dir of HR

    Sales Mgr (Japan)

  • HySecurity

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    VP Operations

  • Doxo

    VP of Sales

    VP DoxoDirect

  • Panopto

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Nieders


    Regional Manager

  • Bigleaf Networks
    Bigleaf Networks

    Chief Operations Officer (COO)

  • Subsplash

    Chief Operations Officer

    Recruiting Consulting

    Outplacement Consulting

    (K1 Capital)

  • Casey Family Programs
    Casey Family Programs

    EVP Child & Family Services

    Managing Director, OD

  • GoTags

    Chief Operations Officer


    Operations Manager


  • City of Des Moines
    City of Des Moines

    Assistant City Manager

  • Coriander Designs
    Coriander Designs

    Plant Manager

  • BASX

    VP of Operations

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith

    Property Manager

  • Auburn Mechanical
    Auburn Mechanical

    EVP Construction

  • SAFE Boats International
    SAFE Boats International

    COO/EVP of Mfg

    Chief Financial Officer

    (McCarthy Capital)

  • Cascade Media
    Cascade Media

    Executive Editor

    Dir of Marketing

  • Pacific Market International
    Pacific Market International

    EVP of Supply Chain

  • NK Architects
    NK Architects

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chief Operations Officer


    Business Development Mgr

  • Medford Radiology Group
    Medford Radiology Group

    Practice Administrator

  • Molbak’s

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Raven Biotech
    Raven Biotech


    VP Business Development

  • Howell Munitions
    Howell Munitions

    Director of Supply Chain


    VP of Sales

  • Julep

    Dir of Logistics

    Dir of E-Commerce

  • Electric Mirror
    Electric Mirror

    Chief Operations Officer

    VP Sales

  • Encore Cabinets
    Encore Cabinets

    General Manager

  • Woodland Park Zoo
    Woodland Park Zoo

    Chief Operations Officer

    VP External Relations

Clients partner with Herd Freed Hartz for a few key reasons:

Proven Track Record – Since 2001, our firm has successfully worked with 400+ Northwest clients on nationwide, executive-level searches. Forbes also recognized us as the “Top Executive Search Firm in the Northwest” for 3 years in a row.

Results That Matter – We deliver the candidate quality and speed you are looking for. Our “Time to Candidate” average over the last 3 years is 37 days. 95% of candidates we place are still in the role 18 months later. We deliver a high ROI and peace of mind by ensuring you are surrounded by an “A-player” executive leadership team, giving you a competitive advantage.

Recruiting Partnership – Clients enjoy our trusted, long-term partnership that goes beyond just filling the role. We provide customized strategic recruiting insights, methodologies, and best practices, which can be used across all your hiring needs. We believe in the “art of recruiting” by crafting your story in a compelling way, helping you stand out from the pack and attract top-talent you would not find on your own. Our goal is to make working with our team a professional and fun experience.