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We have a proven track record recruiting key executives across real estate investment, commercial construction, solar, real estate property management, development, architecture, HVAC, senior living, facility services, cabinet & doors, and mechanical systems. Our track record can help you find the right executive leader to keep your goals on track.

  • Zillow

    VP Search Eng
    VP of IT (CIO)
    Sr Dir Prod Mgmnt (New Ventures)
    Sr. Data Scientist
    Sr Dir Data Eng
    Sr Dir Zestimates AI
    Dir of Prod Mgmnt (Mortgages)
    Dir of Big Data Engineering
    Dir of Product UX
    Dir of Experience Design

  • NBBJ

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Master Builders Association
    Master Builders Association

    Executive Director

  • Port of Seattle
    Port of Seattle

    Executive Director

    Director of HR

    Director of Labor Relations

  • Vigor

    GM (Specialty Finishes)
    VP of HR
    VP of US Fab
    Prog Mgr (US Fab)
    Sr. Proj Mgr (Vigor Marine)

    (Endeavour Capital)

  • Viewpoint

    SVP of Sales

    Chief Customer Officer

    VP Sales

    Inside Sales

    (Bain Capital)

  • Kemper Development Company
    Kemper Development Company

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Collins

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Columbia Pacific
    Columbia Pacific

    SVP Loan Origination

    VP Asset Management

  • Chugach Alaska Corporation
    Chugach Alaska Corporation

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Windermere

    VP/GM of Portfolio Management

  • Isola Homes
    Isola Homes

    VP of Land Acquisition

    VP of Construction

    Tax Manager

    Dir Regulatory Affairs

  • Plum Creek
    Plum Creek

    Sr. Manager of Corporate Audit

  • Schweitzer

    Chief Real Estate Development Officer

  • Bethlehem Construction
    Bethlehem Construction

    VP Construction

  • Rosewood Properties
    Rosewood Properties

    Real Estate Development Mgr (Seattle)

  • Solterra


  • Oakmont Management Group
    Oakmont Management Group

    Chief Financial Officer

    VP Accounting & Finance

  • Lydig Construction
    Lydig Construction

    VP Health & Safety


  • MacDonald-Miller


  • Synder Roofing & Sheet Metal
    Synder Roofing & Sheet Metal

    VP Operations

  • Mercy Housing
    Mercy Housing

    Regional Housing

  • ActivSpace


  • Blueprint Capital
    Blueprint Capital

    Chief Financial Officer

    VP Builder Services

  • Investco (Tarragon Properties)
    Investco (Tarragon Properties)

    Dir of Asset Management

  • Woodman Construction
    Woodman Construction

    Special Project Manager

    Project Manager

  • Dowbuilt

    Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Puget Sound Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee
    Puget Sound Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee

    Finance & Operations Manager

  • MoxiWorks

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chief Financial Officer

    (Vector Capital)

  • Patriot Erectors
    Patriot Erectors

    President & COO

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    (Ranch Creek Partners)

  • Transwestern

    Portfolio Manager

    Sr. Property Mgr

  • CIRI

    VP Real Estate

  • Moraware

    Chief Operations Officer (COO)

  • TDX

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Hermanson

    Dir of HR

  • Cochran

    Chief Financial Officer


    VP of Marketing

  • Touch CMA (Windermere Solutions)
    Touch CMA (Windermere Solutions)

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Western Partitions
    Western Partitions

    Regional Mgr (Seattle/Spokane)

  • HD Fowler
    HD Fowler

    VP Supply Chain / Purchasing

    Dir of IT

  • Apex Facility
    Apex Facility

    VP of BD & Marketing

    Dir of Marketing (Retail)


  • Nieders


    Regional Manager

  • Conversion Logix
    Conversion Logix

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • The Neiders Company
    The Neiders Company

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Carrix

    VP of Human Resources

  • Fairborne Properties
    Fairborne Properties

    General Manager

  • Builders Capital
    Builders Capital

    Sr Risk Analyst, Valuation

    Sr Risk Analyst, Borrower Performance

  • Alliance Partition Systems
    Alliance Partition Systems


  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith

    Property Manager


    Executive Director

  • Lowtide Properties
    Lowtide Properties


  • Village Life
    Village Life

    Chief Executive Officer


  • Auburn Mechanical
    Auburn Mechanical

    EVP Construction

  • Apply A Line
    Apply A Line


  • Matheus Lumber
    Matheus Lumber

    Dir of Human Resources

  • Port Blakely
    Port Blakely

    Sr Dir of Corporate Strategy

  • Botanical Designs
    Botanical Designs

    General Manager

  • All City Fence
    All City Fence

    Sr. Project Mgr

  • Fairbourne

    General Manager (GM)

  • Bellmont Cabinet
    Bellmont Cabinet


    Dir of Supply Chain

  • Washington Multi-Family Housing Association
    Washington Multi-Family Housing Association

    Executive Director

  • NK Architects
    NK Architects

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chief Operations Officer


    Business Development Mgr

  • Dawson Construction
    Dawson Construction

    VP Construction

  • Lakeside Industries
    Lakeside Industries

    Director of Safety

    Finance Director

  • G&W Commercial Flooring
    G&W Commercial Flooring


  • Vibrant Cities
    Vibrant Cities

    VP of Development

  • Encore Cabinets
    Encore Cabinets

    General Manager

  • Tote

    VP of Human Resources

Clients partner with Herd Freed Hartz for a few key reasons:

Proven Track Record – Since 2001, our firm has successfully worked with 400+ Northwest clients on nationwide, executive-level searches. Forbes also recognized us as the “Top Executive Search Firm in the Northwest” for 3 years in a row.

Results That Matter – We deliver the candidate quality and speed you are looking for. Our “Time to Candidate” average over the last 3 years is 37 days. 95% of candidates we place are still in the role 18 months later. We deliver a high ROI and peace of mind by ensuring you are surrounded by an “A-player” executive leadership team, giving you a competitive advantage.

Recruiting Partnership – Clients enjoy our trusted, long-term partnership that goes beyond just filling the role. We provide customized strategic recruiting insights, methodologies, and best practices, which can be used across all your hiring needs. We believe in the “art of recruiting” by crafting your story in a compelling way, helping you stand out from the pack and attract top-talent you would not find on your own. Our goal is to make working with our team a professional and fun experience.