Darcy Engle – VP Sales @ First Choice Health

In 2023, our executive search team was honored to partner with First Choice Health, on a nationwide search to find their new VP of Sales.

First Choice Health, headquartered in Seattle, WA, is a provider-owned healthcare organization offering employers a forward-thinking alternative to traditional health insurance. They have been serving employers of all sizes and across many industries with exceptional health benefits administration for over 35 years, providing unparalleled access to a growing number of clinically integrated networks (CIN) and a traditional PPO. Alongside their Employee Assistance Program (EAP) addressing mental health and work-life balance, their services collectively support members in every step of their healthcare journeys.

At First Choice Health, they are proud to deliver the personalized, quality service our clients deserve, while reducing costs and keeping their members healthy. Uniting providers, employers, and individuals, they deliver sustainable solutions that elevate the health and care of their communities.

Just over one million people use First Choice Health’s array of products and services in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. Their network helps to reduce costs while maintaining quality and convenience. Their Health Plan Administration offerings include custom networks, flexible plan designs, and medical management. Their EAP offers counseling and referral services to complement our health benefit-oriented services.


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