Isola Homes announces new VP of Land Acquisition for future growth

Herd Freed Hartz announced today that it placed Nick Ridgeway as Vice President of Land Acquisitions at Isola Homes. The position is based in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Ridgeway was previously Principal at The Ridgeway Company in Seattle. The search was conducted by Scott Rabinowitz, Managing Director, and Karen Bertiger, Director, at Herd Freed Hartz.


Isola Homes is a multi-generational Northwest builder dedicated to building homes that reflect the evolving needs of homeowners and communities in the Seattle area. By continually implementing innovative sustainable design and environmental stewardship in their construction techniques, Isola’s homes stand for their livability, quality construction, and energy efficiency. All of Isola’s properties include environmentally friendly features. Their commitment to design and craftsmanship results in a home that is not only beautifully designed but is built to last while reducing waste and pollution.

Isola Homes, one of the largest home builders in Seattle, was started in Washington and remains a Washington company. This local, family-owned company is dedicated to sustainable design, environmental stewardship, and making a valuable and enduring contribution to the communities in which they live and build. The Isola Homes CEO is Colt Boehme.

Jeff LePage, Executive Vice President of Isola Homes, says, “We are eager to see Nick join our team. We expect great things from him based on his extensive background in land acquisitions.”

Additional information about Isola Homes is available on the company’s web site: