Mark Coil – SVP Sales @ S.A. Piazza (Wild Mike’s Pizza)

In 2023, our executive search team was honored to partner with S.A. Piazza, known for Wild Mike’s Pizza, on a nationwide search to find their new Sr. VP of Sales.

S. A. Piazza & Associates, one of the fastest growing frozen food manufacturers in the US located in Clackamas, Oregon. The company has been growing at a 30% annual rate and are investing in building a new state of the art 360K square foot production facility in Redmond, Oregon. This enables scaling up capacity and new capabilities to 10x current production. The family that founded the company in 1967 is on a five-year plan to take the company public in which all their employees have stock options and will get to participate in this event. This new facility will support their financial goal of being a Billion-dollar company.

Their Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza brand is distributed in all 50 states through a network of 67 retail chains. They also have a K-12 food service division, that has 15% of the school market, feeding approximately 50 million school children annually in 46 states.

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