Yuan Snaza – Head of People @ Monolithic Power Systems

In 2023, our executive search team was honored to partner with Monolithic Power Systems, on a nationwide search to find their new Head of People.

Monolithic Power Systems is a $1.8B publicly traded company based in Kirkland, WA, is fulfilling their mission of developing technology for a more sustainable planet by designing small, ultra-efficient, easy-to-use power management systems. Chances are, you’re utilizing one of MPS’s ubiquitous products right now on your phone, laptop, television – even the lights overhead.

With an aggressive growth rate of 30-35% YOY (50% in 2022), MPS intentionally flies under the radar, quietly investing in research and thorough testing to offer increasingly efficient and reliable ways to power state-of-the art technology by delivering ever-greener solutions. MPS recognizes their impact on the planet’s climate through their Environmental Management System, a framework used to monitor their environmental stewardship.

In addition to their focus on the health of our planet, MPS focuses on the health of their employees. With 3300 employees globally based in offices in Kirkland, WA, San Jose, CA, Barcelona, Paris, Bangalore, Singapore,Beijing, Tokyo and more, they’ve built a culture based on innovation and empowering its people. They invest in talent by providing a work/life balanced culture, training and development opportunities, and promotions from within. Women make up nearly half of their management level staff, and the company welcomes employees of all backgrounds.

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